A conversation with Eitan Hersh, author of the 2020 book Politics is for Power, on what has, or hasn't, changed since he wrote it.
The abortion rights movement is at a turning point, and low turnout at Saturday's #BansOffOurBodies are a sign of trouble.
The founder of the Democracy Alliance, who died last week, tried to copy the Right's infrastructure-building but wealthy Democratic donors had other…
History and the majority are on our side; now it's time to organize the power needed to win.
How the Rhode Island Political Cooperative is Modeling a Different Path to Power
The Quiet Before, a new book on the origins of social change, reminds us that scale and speed are not friends of successful movements.
A few essays to brood on.
Inclusive populism centered on the demands of exploited workers could fire a new social movement, but not if corporate-dependent Dems remain in charge
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